About Express Pest Control


Pest Management Specialist Richard Pummell is the proud owner of Express Pest Control. Richard is lucky enough to not only work in glorious Norfolk but also in and around London and south Essex. Originally from London, Richard came up to Norwich with his family as his father moved from Fleet Street to Eastern Counties Newspapers (Now under the ownership of Archant). His grandfather, Alfred, was Sheriff of Norwich in 1949.



Richard started his career in pest control with Rentokil 20 years ago and was regional surveyor for Norfolk. He also worked for the Dyno Group of Companies, Igrox Pest Control and three national and regional companies before setting up his own business.


Richard saw a gap in the market for block management pest control in London and this opened doors to similar contracts in and around Norfolk. Express Pest Control keep many buildings and housing stock free of pests in Norfolk and London and work also alongside local authorities such as Broadland Council.


"Our policy is to use the most modern, effective and technologically sound methods of pest detection, monitoring and control. This applies to pest control carried out in both homes and businesses. We are constantly assessing new products and services so that we can deliver cost effective solutions" says Richard.


Richard has appeared on TV and radio not just in Norfolk, but also in London. "There's a insatiable demand for news stories about pests" says Richard. "Black Rats in London Docklands, poisonous spiders, tropical ants, gangsters in sewers - you name it!"




                       Above: Rats and litter in Norwich - Richard on air with radio producer and presenter, Wally Webb


Express Pest Control also provide preventative pest control services to businesses across Norfolk. These include residential & commercial block management, HMO's, restaurants, pubs, care homes, nursing homes, schools, childrens nursery and day care centres, home builders, recycling centres, livery and stables, food and non-food shops, churches, open spaces, manufacturing premises etc.